Research Project - VR Environments

Task 4 Saccade Street

In this task users will be placed in a city environment. In front of the user there will be two roads. In these roads, we present cars in different colours (randomly generated). User’s task is to look in the direction of where we present the car and press the corresponding button of the VR controller depending on where the car is presented. If the car is presented on the left road, user should look on the left road and press the left button of the controller. Same for the right side. Once the car is shown, user looks at the direction where it is shown and after car dissapears, user should look in the light in the park in front of them.

To understand users ability to focus on a visual sustained attention task and their response strategy, response inhibition, or motor impulsivity.

Groups of participants:
-People with ADHD/ADHD traits

Task Details:
For this tasks, there will be city ambient sounds, people talking sounds, birds sound. In front of them there will be people talking, people walking, birds flying. At certain time we also show a plane flying. 50 cars in total will be randomly presented (25 on the left – 25 on the right side) with random colours. Each car will show for 1.15 second and the delay between the cars is 1.15 second. Task is 3:20 minutes long.

Q1: Pressing the button for the wrong car direction affected my next responses.
Q2: It was difficult to look and click in the direction of the car.
Q3: I felt present and involved in VR.
Q4: The task was interesting and was similar to a scenario that can happen in our day-to-day life.
Q5: I think I didn’t do very well in completing this task.
Q6: I think I did very well in completing this task.

Data Collected:
-From the task (only when they press the button of the controller, we save username, car shown (left or right), arrow pressed (left or right), accuracy if they were correct/wrong, reaction time (from car shown to their button press), timestamp)
-Eye tracker VR Add on (Pupil Labs)
-EEG VR Add on (Looxid Link)
-From the questionnaire

-Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop
-HTC Vive Pro
-Fovitec 2x 7'6" Light Stand VR Compatible Kit
-Pupil Labs
-Looxid Link

-Unity Asset Store

Programming Languages used:
-Python using Spyder in Anaconda
-Jupyter Notebook