Dr. Fjorda Kazazi

Dr. Fjorda Kazazi

Senior Software Developer


Years Experience in programming
+8 years
Senior Developer (Mobile, VR, AR, C# Unity, C++)
Web developer (HTML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, CSS
Laravel, Vue, React, Angualr, Wordpress, CI, ETC)
Data Scientist (Python, R, SPSS)
3D asset design & animation (Blender, Daz3D)
Image Editing (Photoshop, Illustrator)


8 Publications
Supervised undergraduate and masters students.


Fjorda is an accomplished professional who holds a PhD from University College London (UCL) in STEM, combining expertise in both Computer Science and Neuroscience fields. Her primary focus lies in the realm of Computer Science, particularly in leveraging cutting-edge technologies for innovative applications. She possesses a keen interest and proficiency in programming Mobile, Web, VR & AR applications, demonstrating her commitment to the forefront of immersive experiences.

Throughout her academic journey, Fjorda achieved outstanding results, earning a master's degree and a bachelor's degree with distinction in Computer Science. Her exemplary performance led her to be ranked among the top students in her field, even representing the university in promotional materials.

Fjorda's professional experience includes a notable role as a Software Engineer at the prestigious University of Oxford. Additionally, she earned recognition and acclaim by securing the first place in the Global Hackathon Challenge, organized by the University of Oxford. Her winning application, a VR app combined with Neurofeedback for educational purposes, exemplified her ability to merge innovative technologies with practical solutions.

Passionate about the intersection of technology and education, Fjorda is particularly interested in developing applications aimed at enhancing executive functioning, including working memory and attention. She is committed to advancing immersive educational experiences to transform education through innovative content and technology.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Fjorda enjoys maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. In her leisure time, she indulges in playing volleyball, engaging in gym activities, and exploring various parks through leisurely walks.