Research Project - Visual & Auditory Load Task

Online Auditory Load Task

In this task users completed an online task with four levels.
Users' task is to hear the sounds presented to them and press one of two keys to indicate whether or not they heard a dog or lion sound (either Z – Dog bark sound or X – Lion roar sound) and then one of two keys to indicate whether or not a car had occurred (either N – Car sound or M – No car sound). The link of the program: Online Auditory Load Task
online auditory load task

To understand users ability to focus and ignore distractions up to a point where load exceeds perceptual capacity.

Groups of participants:
-People who stutter

Task Details:
In this project participants were asked to complete one task with four levels. The first level had only one target, the second level had one target and one non target, the third level had one target and three non-targets, the fourth level had one target and 5 not targets. The targets were a dog or a lion (each of these occurred 50% of the time randomly presented). The non-targets were crow, chicken, cow, duck, rooster. For each level a critical stimulus (car) was presented 50% of the time (25% when dog was presented and 25% when lion was presented) in a random order. Task consisted of 20 trials each at the four task levels. All sounds lasted for 100ms and had 10ms fade-ins and fade-outs. Sounds were positioned spatially around participants by varying interaural amplitudes and time differences.

Data Collected:
-From the task (username, accuracy, reaction time (RT), Detection sensitivity (DS) of the critical stimulus in each level.

-Any Laptop or PC in any OS
-Optimus Nova 626 headphones

-Unity WebGL

Programming Languages used:
-Python using Spyder in Anaconda