Research Project - Mind Strategy Games

Task 1 Mind Game With Neurofeedback

In this task, users need to fight an enemy by throwing fire. The enemy will also throw fire to the player, and they will both have scores and a life in game. If the enemy life goes to 0, the game is over and the player wins the battle. If the player life goes to 0 or the time to finish the game is higher than 10 minutes, the game is over, and the player loses the game. Player will need to play this game only once. The more the user focuses/looks at the enemy the fire will grow and the higher the damage that the user has in the enemy.

To understand users ability to focus on a sustained attention task, their response strategy, response inhibition, or motor impulsivity.

Groups of participants:
-People with ADHD/ADHD traits
-People who stutter

Task Details:
In this task, the enemy (a monster) will be in front of the user and will shoot towards the player. The player will have to shoot at the enemy with fire and win the battle. There will be battle music sounds, light effects (fade in/ fade out), bats flying around and smoke effect in the scene. There will be a time limit of 10 minutes. Approximately this task can take 3 to 4 minutes depending on the participant.

Q1: How many scores did you have in total in the beginning of the game? (Right answer 200)
Q2: The enemy was intimidating me to win the game.
Q3: The visual effects in the game such as bats, smoke and light effects were distracting me to win the game.
Q4: The auditory effects in the game such as the battle music was distracting me to win the game.
Q5: I think I did very well in completing this game.
Q6: I think I didn’t do very well in completing this game.
Q7: The game was fun to play.
Q8: I felt present and involved in VR.

Data Collected:
-From the task
-Eye tracker VR Add on (Pupil Labs)
-EEG VR Add on (Looxid Link)
-From the questionnaire

-Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop
-HTC Vive Pro
-Fovitec 2x 7'6" Light Stand VR Compatible Kit
-Pupil Labs
-Looxid Link

-Unity Asset Store

Programming Languages used:
-Python using Spyder in Anaconda
-Jupyter Notebook